The official P4 test bench software

Mission control app

Get even more out of your test bench with our new software. The P4 Mission Control app boasts a new, modern design with more measurement and analysis options.

The new software version is not just an update, but also offers pioneering functions for professional performance measurement. The Mission Control app takes test bench technology to a new level and makes performance measurements even more effective, intelligent and efficient.

Upgrade your dyno!

Extensive & versatile


We have developed a new test bench software and equipped it with new, exciting and improved functions. In addition to individual displays, new measurement modes and continuous measurements, there are now also preview windows, comparable performance values in the extra window and colour scaling of the additional channels.

Test the DEMO version! All P4 customers and interested parties can test the new software and its extensive functions with the free DEMO version at home on their PC. Simply contact us. We will be happy to send you the corresponding file.


Load tests

additional measuring channels

Additional tool

Create measurement test

Programme structure

Successful measurement

important information

Automatic backup of the P4 software

We recommend making regular backups of the entire C:/p4 folder. Sometimes errors can occur in the programme, the database or the PC. The automatic backup is set up for this purpose.

ATTENTION: This overwrites the current test and vehicle databases. Make a backup copy of the entire folder beforehand.

Reading out the hardware ID

Our test benches are a unit consisting of a test bench body, data box and computer. These are linked to each other - we need the test bench PC hardware ID for this. Download the displayed "", unzip the licence.exe on the test bench PC and inform us of the number displayed. This allows us to configure your software in a customised way.

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