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The rookie from 0.1 to 100 hp

P4 SC100

The SC100 was specially developed by us to meet the needs of moped, Simson and Vespa tuners, motocross teams, classic car workshops or simply motorbikes up to 100 hp. As a smaller, lighter and more compact alternative to the classic P4, this test bench not only offers the same expansion options and features, but also impresses with its modular design, which makes it much easier to transport and expand. This customised solution for precise performance measurements on motorbikes up to 100 hp is the result of our commitment to meeting the specific requirements of our target group by combining precision, manageability and economy with unrestricted functionality.

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Plug & Play

What's included?

The SC100 from Amerschläger is a high-quality, customised solution for measuring the performance of motorbikes up to 100 hp, developed for immediate use and maximum reliability. Based on the plug-and-play principle, we supply not only the electronics, hardware and software but also the PC required for operation (without screen).

Our customers benefit from personal instruction on our own test bench at our premises. This comprehensive support ensures that our customers can install the test bench without any problems, use it immediately and concentrate fully on their actual goal: optimising the performance of their motorbike and getting the most out of it.

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Possible additional equipment

The SC100 from Amerschläger not only offers compact efficiency, but also a wide range of expansion options that make it just as versatile as our larger model, the P4. The numerous options include

The SC100 can be individually configured to meet the specific needs and requirements of your projects, be it for deeper analyses, improved usability or more accurate measurements. It also offers flexible expansion options for future functions and ensures backwards compatibility, so that your investment is protected and enhanced in the long term through continuous updates.

We attach great importance to ensuring that our customers can benefit from the latest technological developments without rendering older devices superfluous.

P4 SC100

Modular design for maximum flexibility

The SC100 dynamometer has a modular design and consists of three main components: the front section, the roller carrier section and the ramp section. This modular design also makes it possible to replace individual parts as required.

The SC100 delivers precise power measurements for exact fine tuning. Accuracy of 0.1 hp. Measurement of wheel and drag power results in engine power. Climate correction according to DIN or EG. Absolute comparability of all Amerschläger test stands.

The SC100 dynamometer is quick and easy to set up using the keyhole principle. The individual modules can simply be plugged and screwed together without prior alignment. This means that the test bench is ready for use in just a few minutes.

An outstanding feature of the SC100 is the 180° rotatable roller carrier section. This innovative feature eliminates problems when measuring the performance of Vespas, for example, which could previously be caused by the cooling fan and kick starter on the roller cover. This enables precise and reliable measurement regardless of the motorbike type.

The front wheel mount of the SC100 is equipped with an adjustable rocker. This can be individually adjusted to the wheel size to fix the motorbike even more quickly and easily without additional aids. This adjustment option makes the test stand versatile and suitable for different motorbike models.

The SC100 can be equipped with a brake for the power roller, which is used after the power measurement. This allows the roller to be braked with its own hydraulic brake without putting any strain on the motorbike's brakes.

The test stand is equipped with an earth connection including earth terminal. This ensures even better detection of the engine speed. As an option, a TV support arm and a control panel for mounting a keypad can be mounted directly on the test stand, allowing convenient operation directly from the motorbike. The ramp of the SC 100 is equipped with a shock absorber and raises automatically. In addition, the test stand now has even more retaining eyes to securely lash the motorbike during the performance measurement.

The modular design consisting of three individual parts enables simple and cost-effective transport on a pallet.

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