Exhaust gas extraction

Mobile or stationary

Efficient exhaust extraction is essential for precise measurements on combustion engines in order to minimise health hazards for operating personnel and to avoid falsifying the measurement results. Powerful exhaust extraction systems remove harmful exhaust gases, supply the engine with fresh air and thus ensure optimum test conditions. This not only serves to protect health, but is also crucial for accurate and reproducible test results, as it creates an ideal test environment for the complete recording of engine performance.

Stationary blower

A stationary centrifugal fan can be installed inside the test bench cabin for the effective extraction of exhaust gases in test bench environments. By using specially adapted hoses and pipes, which are positioned directly behind the exhaust pipe of the vehicle being tested, the exhaust gases can be captured directly at the point of origin and efficiently extracted from the cabin.

The use of centrifugal fans for exhaust gas extraction is characterised by high efficiency and the ability to ensure constant extraction performance even at high pressure. In addition, these fans are equipped with specially reinforced blades to withstand the high exhaust gas temperatures. These features are particularly important to ensure that all exhaust gases are reliably removed from the test environment even under full load conditions. The direct extraction of exhaust gases at the exhaust pipe also prevents harmful gases from being dispersed in the room and impairing the air quality.

Mobile suction blower

A mobile solution for exhaust extraction is also available for more flexible test bench applications. Here, a centrifugal fan is mounted on a small, handy frame that can be easily moved around the test bench and the vehicle to be tested. This mobility makes it possible to position the fan exactly where it is needed for the most effective extraction, regardless of the specific position of the vehicle or the configuration of the test bench.

In addition, this mobile extraction solution offers the advantage that it can be used without complex installations or permanent spatial adaptations, making it the ideal choice for test benches with limited space or variable test requirements.

High-temperature automotive exhaust hose up to 650°C

The use of a special PU exhaust hose is essential for the efficient handling of high exhaust gas temperatures. This hose consists of a PU-coated high-temperature fabric that is additionally reinforced with VA threads to ensure maximum durability and resistance to the extreme conditions. The special construction of this hose allows it to cope with the high exhaust temperatures without the hose being damaged or losing its integrity.

Investing in such a specialised exhaust hose is crucial for maintaining safe and efficient operation in test bench environments where high temperatures and aggressive chemicals are a challenge. With its ability to withstand extreme conditions, the PU exhaust hose is a long-term solution that increases the reliability of the exhaust extraction system and helps to keep the working environment safe and clean for personnel.


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