Cooling and fresh air supply

Axial/radial fans

To optimise the performance and tuning of combustion engines, it is important to simulate real operating conditions on the test bench, such as on the racetrack or in road traffic. Adequate cooling and fresh air supply are crucial to keep the engine in the ideal temperature range and enable efficient combustion. Investing in high-performance cooling and ventilation systems helps to simulate these conditions and to investigate and optimise engine performance under optimum conditions.

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Axial fan AX4K

The AX4K is our latest development, designed specifically for use with the SC100 dyno. This innovative cooling unit provides flexible and efficient cooling for medium power motorbikes and is a cost-effective solution to ensure the optimum operating temperature of the engine during performance testing.

With its unique design, mounted on its own frame, the AX4K offers unrivalled positioning flexibility. With the ability to adjust the height and angle using adjustable feet, the air supply can be directed exactly where it is needed most. This flexibility ensures direct and effective cooling of the motor precisely at the critical points.

For comprehensive cooling, two AX4K units can be strategically positioned - one on the left and one on the right at the front of the SC100. This configuration ensures that the engine is evenly cooled under all test conditions, helping to maximise the bike's performance.

Axial fan AX14k / 25K

An axial fan is particularly suitable for cooling air-cooled engines on the test bench, as it distributes large volumes of air over large areas and thus enables effective cooling of the entire engine. This type of fan almost perfectly simulates the natural airstream as it occurs in real driving conditions and ensures even cooling of the engine. This is particularly advantageous for air-cooled engines, as complete and even cooling is ensured, which supports the optimum operating temperature of the engine and improves its performance and service life. However, a potential disadvantage of this method is that the driver operating the test bench is also exposed to the cool airflow, which can be uncomfortable, especially in cooler environments.

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Centrifugal fan RV2k/ RV4k

A centrifugal fan is ideal for the special requirements of water-cooled engines, as it can direct air at high pressure onto a concentrated surface. This allows the airflow to be precisely directed straight to the water cooler, which is essential for efficient and effective cooling of the cooling system. The ability to direct the airflow allows water-cooled engines to be optimally cooled under test bench conditions, controlling the operating temperature of the engine and improving the performance and service life of the system. The use of a centrifugal fan in conjunction with our customised hose systems is therefore a highly efficient solution to meet the requirements of modern water-cooled engines on the test bench.

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RV flex kit

To ensure maximum adaptability and efficiency of cooling performance, our Flexkit includes a mobile base with four castors and hoses attached to adjustable support arms. This upgrade for the centrifugal fan not only makes it possible to move the fan effortlessly and position it optimally, but also to direct the airflow exactly where it is needed most.

The Flexkit significantly expands the range of applications for the centrifugal fan. With the adjustable support arms, the hoses can be aligned so that they are aimed directly at specific areas of the vehicle, such as the water cooler or heat-sensitive engine areas. This ensures efficient and targeted cooling, which is particularly beneficial for water-cooled engines, where a concentrated air supply can significantly improve cooling performance.

The additional castors make the fan extremely mobile and make it easy to adapt the positioning to requirements, while the adjustable support arms with hoses enable fine-tuned control of the air flow. This system provides an optimal solution for test environments where flexibility and precision cooling is required to maintain constant motor performance under varying conditions while avoiding overheating.

This combination of mobility and targeted air routing makes the Flexkit an indispensable addition to any centrifugal fan, significantly expanding its range of applications and ensuring comprehensive and efficient cooling.

Only in combination with RV2k or RV4k.


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