Noise protection

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Sound insulation for your working environment

In the world of motorbike test benches, effective noise protection is essential. The noise of motorbikes is an unavoidable side effect of performance testing. Our job is to minimise the impact of this noise on the environment in order to protect the well-being of employees and promote a good neighbourhood.

Our approach includes a range of noise control technologies specifically designed to dampen the transmission of sound waves. From modular soundproof booths that form an effective barrier against sound to other soundproofing measures, we offer flexible and effective solutions that are customised to the needs of your test environment.

The modularity of our systems enables precise customisation to the respective requirements and spatial conditions. This means you can be sure that your test bench tests will not impair productivity and at the same time comply with noise protection regulations.

Silencer extraction system p4

We have developed a special silencer to minimise noise after exhaust extraction on motorbike test benches. This silencer has been developed in collaboration with a leading motorbike silencer expert to effectively reduce noise and improve the working environment. The silencer can be easily connected to the exhaust extraction system and is characterised by a durable design and high temperature resistance. Its use facilitates compliance with noise protection regulations and contributes to a more pleasant working environment.

Noise protection cabin

Effective noise protection is essential - for the well-being of employees and harmony with the neighbourhood. Our modular noise protection booths offer a flexible and efficient solution to protect work areas of any size from noise.

Thanks to their modular design, our cabins adapt seamlessly to any requirement and can be easily extended or customised if necessary. They not only protect your ears, but also contribute to the health of your employees and compliance with noise protection regulations.

Invest in our noise protection cabins and benefit from a quieter and more productive working environment.


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