P4 simulator

The uncompromising one with eddy current brake


The P4 Simulator from Amerschläger is based on the P4 Dynamic and integrates an eddy current brake for load and resistance simulations, which can be controlled manually or automatically. With additional measurement channels, it offers precise and comprehensive simulations for motorbikes.

Like the Dynamic, the simulator is also versatile and is appreciated by various players in the motorbike industry such as workshops, manufacturers, tuners and racing teams in the on-road and off-road sectors. Its simple and intuitive operation combined with state-of-the-art technology enables efficient optimisation of motorbike performance.

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Plug & Play

What's included?

The P4 Simlutor from Amerschläger is a high-quality, customised solution for measuring the performance of motorbikes up to 300 hp, developed for immediate use and maximum reliability. Based on the plug-and-play principle, we supply not only the electronics, hardware and software, but also the PC required for operation (without screen).

Our customers benefit from personal instruction on our own test bench at our premises. This comprehensive support ensures that our customers can install the test bench without any problems, use it immediately and concentrate fully on their actual goal: optimising the performance of their motorbike and getting the most out of it.

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Possible additional equipment

The P4 simulator from Amerschläger not only offers compact efficiency, but also a wide range of expansion options. The numerous options include

The P4 Simulator can be individually configured to meet the specific needs and requirements of your projects, be it for deeper analyses, improved usability or more accurate measurements. It also offers flexible expansion options for future functions and ensures backwards compatibility, so that your investment is protected and enhanced in the long term through continuous updates.

We attach great importance to ensuring that our customers can benefit from the latest technological developments without rendering older devices superfluous.

P4 Simulator


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