canbus - Speed detection

The CANBox from Amerschläger P4 represents a significant advance in the detection of engine speed on modern motorbikes. This new development takes into account the challenges posed by the design of new motorbike models: The ignition coil often sits directly on the spark plug, which makes the classic connection of a lightbox to an ignition cable impossible. In addition, access to the CDI on fully enclosed motorbikes often requires time-consuming disassembly.

The CANBox elegantly solves these problems by utilising the CAN bus and OBD interfaces that are standard on modern motorbikes. Simply connecting the device to the OBD port via an adapter cable enables the engine speed to be recorded quickly and easily. The data obtained is then transmitted directly to our Redbox and the Mission Control app, enabling precise measurement and analysis of engine performance without major installation work or the risk of damaging the motorbike.

P4 Electronics for speed detection via CAN bus
P4 Electronics for speed detection via CAN bus

Easy handling & impressive results

No more time-consuming cable searches

In the past, the ignition signal had to be tapped via the ignition cable, which was cumbersome and time-consuming on modern motorbikes due to the lack of ignition cables and ignition coils located directly on the spark plug. With the CANBox from Amerschläger, this tedious work is a thing of the past. No more dismantling half the motorbike to find the right cable on the CDI.

Connection test made easy

The CANBox also has a practical test button with which you can easily check whether the connection to the Redbox is working properly. This means you can always be sure that the data is being transmitted reliably.
Rely on the CANBox from Amerschläger P4 to easily record the speed of your motorbike and make your work easier. Take advantage of our innovative technology today and increase the efficiency of your power measurement!

Including fibre optic cable and power supply unit!

Prerequisites for using the P4 CANBox:

  • From MissionControl App v1.25

  • Motorbikes from Euro5

  • and OBD protocols: SAE J1850-PWM, SAE J1939, ISO 9141, ISO 14230, ISO 15765-4

Scope of delivery

P4 CANBox, power supply unit 12V/2A, fibre optic cable, instructions


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