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Test bench services

Discover a variety of services on our services page to optimise your test stand experience with Amerschläger. Whether you are interested in leasing options, need rental equipment, are looking for a P4 test stand near you, would like to download downloads for your equipment or are interested in upgrade and conversion options - we have everything you need. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive support and customised solutions that increase the efficiency and performance of your test bench technology

Rent a dyno

Rental service offer for customer events, functions or for testing. Rental period min. 2 weeks to max. 3 months.

Find a dyno

A selection of our customers who offer power measurements on their P4 test benches. Find a Amerschläger near you now.

Upgrade & remodelling

Software updates or extensive additions such as retrofitting an eddy current brake or pneumatic clamping.


Suitable financing solutions for the purchase of your test stand from our partner MVM Leasing.


The Amerschläger P4 download area. From the operating instructions to detailed installation guides.

Training courses

In future, we will provide you with online training videos on everything from the correct setup of the test stand to the professional use of our software.


Holiday from 10 to 17 May 2024

We take the gas out

Dear Amerschläger friends,

It's time for a little rest! Our team is taking a creative break from 10 to 17 May. Our company will be closed during this time. We are using this break to recharge our batteries so that we can support you with new energy and great ideas afterwards. Thank you for your understanding and patience. We look forward to supporting you with our full commitment after our holiday!

Your Amerschläger Team