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A Amerschläger test stand is also an investment in the future of your motorbike testing technology. If you decide in favour of an Amerschläger test stand, you are investing in a product that grows and adapts with you. You don't have to be satisfied with the status quo. Our development department is constantly working to push the boundaries of what is possible so that your test stand will continue to meet the requirements of the rapidly developing motorbike industry in the future.

Innovation is the core of our philosophy. We are constantly developing new components and functions so that your test bench technology not only remains up-to-date, but also reflects future trends and requirements.

Our developments are - as far as technically possible - backwards compatible. This means that you can easily retrofit existing test benches and bring them up to the latest state of the art. From new electronic developments and the latest software updates to extensive additions such as retrofitting an eddy current brake or a pneumatic clamping system - every innovation serves to increase the performance and efficiency of your test stand.

An upgrade must also make economic sense - talk to us. Together we can explore how we can improve and expand your options.

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The name Amerschläger stands for tradition and progress at the same time. Due to the outstanding quality, many Amerschläger test benches from the early years are still in daily use today. Some of these test benches are still running under DOS today - as you know, that was before Windows95! They are therefore considered old-timers, but for many they are the cornerstone of the entire company.

But even the tried and tested can benefit from technical innovations. This is precisely where our modernisation measures come in.
A special electronics and software package also brings your old model up to date - faster, more efficient and fit for the future. This is not just a refresh, but a conversion that revolutionises the heart of your test bench - the software and electronics.

Our expertise is not limited to our own products. Many test benches from other manufacturers have also undergone an Amerschläger metamorphosis. By switching to our state-of-the-art software and electronics, they gain a new vitality and performance that sets new standards. This opens up the possibility of benefiting from the advantages of Amerschläger electronics and software in a second step.

We know that it is an important decision whether a conversion is economically viable. Our approach is to create opportunities where others only see limitations. Let us explore together how we can breathe new life into your test bench. Because at Amerschläger, many things are possible - for your technology of tomorrow.

Holiday from 10 to 17 May 2024

We take the gas out

Dear Amerschläger friends,

It's time for a little rest! Our team is taking a creative break from 10 to 17 May. Our company will be closed during this time. We are using this break to recharge our batteries so that we can support you with new energy and great ideas afterwards. Thank you for your understanding and patience. We look forward to supporting you with our full commitment after our holiday!

Your Amerschläger Team