Lambda tool

P4 Lambda tool

AFR/lambda detection

The P4 Lambda Tool from Amerschläger provides essential support for engine tuning by enabling precise lambda measurement and recording. These measurements are crucial for optimising the combustion process and accurately setting the air-fuel ratio to increase engine performance and prevent damage.

By analysing and recording the lambda value in real time in conjunction with the power curve, the tool enables comprehensive analysis. This allows users to optimally adjust the injection times, jetting and ignition timing to maximise the reliability and performance of the engine.

P4 Electronics for lambda detection
P4 Electronics for lambda detection

Scope of delivery

P4 Lambdatool hand-held unit with AEM-X-Series, Bosch LSU 4.9 broadband lambda sensor, connection cable to Redbox, M18x1.5 weld-in fitting for lambda sensor, power supply unit 12V/2A, installation instructions (English).


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